Ann Irving

Vice President

Ann Irving is a graduate of Western High School, former ice skating instructor and former office worker.

She was a life-long friend (over sixty years) and neighbor of Gus and Marguerite Muller.

Ms. Irving and the Mullers also shared common interests in both environmental issues and animal concerns. The Mullers and the Irvings shared many a good meal together.

According to Ms. Irving, the Mullers were both Baltimore City School teachers who had no children of their own. They both received Masters Degrees. Ms. Muller was a math teacher (at Roland Park Junior High School) and, at the end of her career, Ms. Muller was a counselor at a junior high school on East Northern Parkway.

Mr. Muller taught at Gwynns Falls Junior High School, along with his friend and next door neighbor, Reid Irving.

The Mullers had two cats Mittens (a dark grey cat with four white feet) and Duffy (a light grey and white cat). They also had two Schnauzers, Fritzie and Skipper. Mimi, a Westie, was given to Ms. Muller after her husband’s death in 1994.