The Muller Foundation was established by Marguerite Muller in October 2003.

She sought a formal way to advance educational endeavors in the metropolitan area and support other charitable causes.

Marguerite E. Muller, as the first President of the Foundation, gave it its initial sense of direction. Following Marguerite Muller’s death in 2008, she was succeeded as President by Patrick G. Cullen, one of the original Officer/ Directors of the Foundation.

Today the Foundation continues to support local Baltimore metropolitan area non-profit enterprises in the fields of education, health and animal protection. During its twelve years of existence, the directors have distributed in excess of $1,200,000 to various worthwhile endeavors.

We honor the memories of Howard C. and Marguerite E. Muller by the continuing support of those endeavors dedicated to education, hard work, the love of animals, and worthwhile contributions to society.  We realize that a book, a flower, a tool, and an animal each contribute to the betterment of society and none should be forgotten or let fail through neglect.